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Experts are concerned that a new global disease outbreak might begin any day. The virus that worries them is H5N1, a form of avian influenza, or bird flu.
As animals get to market DNA tests show an increase in the number of animals with positive tests for some coronaviruses from the time they are trapped until they arrive on someone’s dinner plate.
Some environmental groups are pushing to end the wildlife trade, arguing doing so could help prevent future pandemics.
Some conservationists see a chance to do lasting damage to criminal networks in the wake of the pandemic, but poaching may also rise.
The conditions that lead to the emergence of new infectious diseases are the same ones that inflict horrific harms on animals.
The coronavirus isn’t just a public-health crisis. It’s an ecological one.
The ban covers only land animals. It punishes consumers but does not tackle corrupt ties among government officials, corporate interests and “breeders” who use permits as a cover for illegal trade
Two months before the novel coronavirus began, the Trump administration ended a $200-million pandemic early-warning program aimed at training scientists.