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The population of kelp forests, which help clean the air, has fallen dramatically. That has environmentalists worried.
WILDLIFE IS DISAPPEARING around the world, in the oceans and on land. The main cause on land is perhaps the most straightforward: Humans are taking over too much of the planet, erasing what was there before.
People on both sides of the aisle want to drink clean water and breathe clean air. People on both sides of the aisle want to keep living things alive.
On a species level, it’s easy for people to say, “What’s one less squirrel?” But there is something in even the bitterest human heart that can’t help responding to the suffering of another living thing.
Carversville Farm believes that everyone deserves high-quality food, so they donate most of theirs to kitchens feeding the neediest in Philadelphia.
In a little discussed pending Supreme Court case, National Pork Producers Council v. Ross, the conditions of pork production are being debated.
Her caretakers hope DNA testing may help return her to the wild with her family.
A jury in southern Utah let me walk free earlier this month after I took two injured piglets from a farm in the middle of the night that I had no permission to be on.
Twenty-four countries and the E.U. have agreed to create three marine parks, which would ban fishing and other industrial activity. But to become a reality, China must also agree. – By John F. Kerry
On This German Farm the cows don’t have to produce milk. The pigs sleep late. No animal on this former dairy farm serves a human need. Their only purpose is to live peacefully — and provoke questions about how we eat.
Given the loss of nearly 3 billion birds in the U.S. and Canada since 1970, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is encouraging action to help birds survive and thrive. Here are ways to help:
Efforts to limit global warming often focus on emissions from fossil fuels, but food is crucial, too, according to new research.
Scientists hope this new kind of perennial grain offers a taste of what environmentally friendly farming could look like.
The horses have charmed New York City tourists since the 19th century, but detractors say there is abuse and exploitation. Drivers say they are animal lovers doing their best.
These Items in Your Home Are Harming America’s Sea Animals
The most important animal-rights case of the 21st century revolves around an unlikely subject.
Bison once numbered in the tens of millions in the United States. Now, a nonprofit is working to restore the shortgrass prairie, where the American icons and their ecosystem can thrive again.
In an unusual experiment, a team of locals rushed in protect the Mexican reef against hurricanes and repair the devastated corals, piece by piece.
A Long Island couple say fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity starts at home.
Only One State in America Includes the Study of Climate Change for All Grades
We need Congress and the Biden administration to immediately restore protections for birds with an incidental take permitting program under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
He said no, and in a final rebuff, he gave it to a conservancy.
A shiny glass condo property in the city has become notorious for deadly crashes, so some residents are pushing for change.
President Biden has promised to reinstate more than 100 rules and regulations aimed at environmental protection that his predecessor rolled back. It won’t happen overnight.
Braving tigers and other dangers, frontline workers face difficult working conditions as they try to keep the peace between humans and wildlife.
Each year, billions of animals die for human ends. In two new books, Martha Nussbaum and Peter Singer insist that we stop the suffering.
Scientists warn of ongoing global insect abundance losses and say we lack a full understanding of invertebrate extinction causes and synergies.
Now rescued, they climb trees and eat lasagna.
Activists in Berkeley, which has no factory farms, hope other cities will follow suit – but not everyone is convinced
Environmental destruction and violence threaten one of the world’s most extraordinary insect migrations.
We Might Be One Step Closer to Saving America’s Amazon
An investigator went under cover and brought back disturbing video from a farm growing those famous birds.
Repairing the country’s extensive peatlands could help the world mitigate climate change. It could also make a fast-fashion billionaire even richer.
The year of the first Earth Day, 1970, was the year I stopped eating meat.
Is our pleasure in seeing wild animals up close is worth the price of their captivity?
Last month, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology released an updated version of its Merlin Bird ID app, which allows users to identify birds by song.
Wild cats play vital roles in almost all the environments where they occur. For that reason, aiding their recovery can also help to achieve quantifiable progress on many of our planet’s urgent environmental goals.
The idea of rewilding jaguars grew out of a project of Kristine and Douglas Tompkins, who ran the outdoor equipment and clothing companies Patagonia and the North Face before turning full time to environmental causes.
If you care about the working poor, about racial justice, and about climate change, you have to stop eating animals.
Some environmental groups are pushing to end the wildlife trade, arguing doing so could help prevent future pandemics.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced Thursday that she would be co-sponsoring Sen. Cory Booker's bill to phase out large-scale factory farming by 2040.
Homeowners use up 10 times more pesticide per acre than farmers do. But we can change what we do in our own yards.
“Something’s going on in early spring,” a professor said, and researchers are trying to solve the mystery.
An alarming number of humpbacks are getting entangled in fishing gear that cut into their flesh and often led to death.
Countries agreed to rein in emissions in an effort to avert climate catastrophes. They've failed, according to the latest United Nations report.
During her girlhood, Tarzan was her role model. When she realized how chimpanzee habitats were being destroyed, she turned into a crusader. At 85, she’s still preaching.
The Climate Crisis Is the Battle of Our Time, and We Can Win We have the tools. Now we are building the political power.
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/20/opinion/al-gore-climate-change.html?searchResultPosition=1 NT
Trees could reduce carbon in the atmosphere to levels not seen in nearly 100 years
In the Santa Barbara Channel, an underwater sound system tries to keep whales and ships apart
The Trump administration is attempting to eliminate public voice from the management of national forests. We must speak up.